Sheet Cutting

CypCutPro CypCutPro
CypCutPro is mainly used for medium and high power EtherCAT cutting systems, and has simple operation and rich functions. Functions such as "five-stage piercing", "flash piercing", "deslag piercing", "corner technique", "smooth micro joint" and "smooth piercing" improve medium and thick plate processing quality and processing efficiency.
HypCut HypCut
HypCut is customized software developed for high-power laser cutting. A professional process is provided for high-power laser cutting, which can realize intelligent production. It supports the planning and scheduling to assist production management; its modular design provides users with more concise and efficient operations and assists users in quickly completing production.
CypCutE CypCutE
Friendess CypCutE 2D cutting software is for medium power EtherCAT cutting system. CypCutE is easy to use, rich in functions, stable and reliable. It has advanced functions such as "Smooth MicroJoint", "Fast Cutting" and "Circle Center" to meet various processing needs.
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CypOne CypOne
CypOne is a cost-effective solution designed for advertising industry that mainly involved in thin metal sheet production. It fits in low power range laser machine, can realize functions of drawing process, toolpath generation, technique setting, laser focus control and pallet changer etc., to meet your production needs of high efficiency and quality.
CypCut CypCut
CypCut sheet cutting software is an in-depth design for fiber laser cutting industry. It simplifies complex CNC machine operation and integrates CAD, Nest and CAM modules in one. From drawing, nesting to workpiece cutting all can be finished by a few clicks.
CypNest CypNest
CypNest is a nesting software designed for CypCut/HypCut sheet laser cutting system. It integrates advanced functions of drawing modification, quick nesting, toolpath generation, analysis report and more to meet your production needs.

3D Tube Cutting

TubesT-Lite TubesT-Lite
TubesT-Lite is a free software to generate toolpath for FSCUT tube cutting system. It's designed for CypTube/TubePro, can import part from external igs file, draw the part of standard shape and array-nest the part on the tube.
TubePro TubePro
TubePro designed for professional tube cutting, supports production of tube and profile of various shape. It works with TubesT nesting software seamlessly to realize technique setting, advanced toolpath generation and nesting for standard and special production need.
TubesT TubesT
TubesT is a 3D tube nesting software designed for CypTube/TubePro laser cutting system. From parts drawing and modification, full type compensation, strategic nesting to report generation, using TubesT will meet and exceed your production needs.